What Makes The Affluence Villas in LB Nagar Unique?

What Makes The Affluence Villas in LB Nagar Unique


Possessing a luxury villa is not merely a status symbol, but a necessity for affluent people.

It is the place where they find comfort and joy for themselves and their family. 

The demand for premium real estate and gated community villas in Hyderabad is over the roof. With an increase in capital and a busy work schedule, people desire a large, private, and comfortable living area.

In Hyderabad, eminent and well-known developers like Haris Pranava Constructions are introducing innovative designs and concepts for luxury villa projects with cutting-edge construction strategies. 


Such villas for sale in Hyderabad, provide a tranquil environment away from the bustle of the city. While not everyone can afford to live in Hyderabad’s historic colonial houses, ambitious developers are creating new luxury villas in the city. 

Haris Pranava Constructions is all set to break new ground in the real estate sector with the development of its Affluence Villas project, gated community villas in LB Nagar, Hyderabad which will consist of seventy individual villas.


Haris Pranava Constructions is putting forth this effort to provide potential purchasers of villas for sale in LB Nagar with world-class architecture and conveniences made possible by cutting-edge technology. Everyone is welcome to come to check out the magnificent conveniences that are offered at this location for themselves. 


In addition to this, due to the enormous green space it provides, the air quality in its immediate surroundings is exceptionally high. The goal was to provide a healthy lifestyle unlike anything else that could be found in this city.


Each home at Affluence Villas is designed to meet the needs of a high-quality contemporary lifestyle, with several innovative features that can be tailored to individual families’ functional and aesthetic preferences. Discover a community where nature thrives.


Top-notch Amenities in the Best Villas in LB Nagar: 


The affluent lifestyle promised by Affluence Villas caters to the refined facts of discerning buyers. This is accomplished through the accessibility of a variety of amenities, such as: 

  • A Multipurpose Hall
  • Game Room and Library 
  • Gym and Yoga Studio
  • Amphitheatre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Barbeque Area and Landscape Lawn 
  • Terrace Party Area and much more


Aside from these amenities, the Affluence Villas for sale in Hyderabad’s primary objective is to improve residents’ quality of life by developing picture-perfect neighborhoods where they can lead peaceful and happy lives. Because of these amenities, these gated community villas offer its residents an excellent work-life balance and relaxing weekends.

They can either spend quality time with their families or mingle and get to know their neighbors when they want to relax.

Residents of these Largest gated community Villas in LB Nagar, Hyderabad, do not even need to leave the neighborhood because there are so many amenities on the top level. Additionally, it allows them to host guests at this very location, which they can take advantage of.


Highlights of the project 


These opulent villas in LB Nagar, located in Hyderabad’s western suburbs, promise to provide you with the same level of comfort and convenience that these areas are famous for. It is only a ten-minute drive from ORR and Manneguda, providing residents with convenient access to a wide variety of shopping centers and hospitals of the highest standard. 

Affluence Community has created the ultimate example of what can be accomplished. The vaastu-compliant master plan, technology, and skilled craftsmanship are provided on a 6.45-acre landscape. State-of-the-art architecture, cutting-edge engineering, and skilled craftsmanship are combined to provide the amenities you require for a dynamic lifestyle.


Check out the top highlights of the Affluence Villas in LB Nagar:


  • Underground Wiring and Cables
  • Innovative, State-of-the-Art Lighting for the Streets
  • Solar Fencing and Abundant Parking Space
  • Taking Advantage of the Rainfall
  • Backup Generator for the Sewage Treatment Plant’s Waste Disposal Area
  • Provisions for Intercoms
  • Pneumatic water delivery and storage systems


Resort-like villas dedicated to pampering and self-expression, the amenities and highlights of Affluence Villa are places to escape an urban routine. An elite lineup of sensory indulgences and luxury amenities add to the joy of interacting and socializing with like-minded neighbors. 

With a multitude of recreation, entertainment, and rejuvenation, Affluence Villas render you with a truly luxurious lifestyle.

Feel free to call us at +91 99495 60785 if you are interested in learning more about the Affluence Villas project.


Frequently Asked Questions About Real-estate


#1 How is Affluence Villas a better choice for Luxury Villas?

Every Affluence Villa is thoughtfully designed and crafted for people who share our passion for design and quality and offers a sense of warmth, privacy, and tranquillity.

Our villas are a design inspiration for luxury residences.

#2 Do they have a private garden in every villa? 

Every Affluence Villa has a private garden, giving a sense of privacy and a constant connection with nature.

#3 How many bedrooms do a villa feature? 

The Affluence Villas come in the choice of 3 and 4 bedrooms, thoughtfully designed with spacious living spaces and a host of inventive features.

#4 What kind of flooring is used? 

  • 1200x 1200 mm vitrified tiles of reputed make for Drawing, living, dining, family & 1st-floor lounge.
  • Leather finish granite flooring for Staircase.
  • Wood finish vitrified tiles of reputed make for Master bedroom/Cinema room.
  • 800×800 mm vitrified tiles of reputed make for other bedrooms & Kitchen.
  • Anti-skid vitrified tiles of reputed make for bathrooms.
  • Wooden finish vitrified flooring of reputed make for the Deck.
  • Full body vitrified tiles of reputed make the parking area.

#5 Do you have a water harvesting system inbuilt? 

Yes, as per government regulations, we have a rainwater harvesting system along with a sewage treatment plant, Pneumatic water supply systems, and Waste Disposal Area.

#6 What all community amenities are available? Do you have a clubhouse? 

Depending on the community, we offer world-class amenities which include an exclusive resident Clubhouse with a swimming pool, children’s play area, jogging tracks, banquet Hall and ballrooms, etc.