Vaastu Tips For a Happy, Healthy , And Ideal Home


In the modern era, Vaastu tips are important for people who encounter homes already built, where renovation of any kind has no scope of life.  But, if you believe in Vaastu Shastra, It would be a better option for you to design and layout your home. 

On your own, you are complying with various shastras of the Vaastu theories. Vaastu tips and theories are supported by scientific ideas that aim to bring the five aspects of nature, wind, water, fire, and space—into harmony. Vaastu’s primary goal is to bring equilibrium between these natural energies.

Attract balance and tranquility into the home, and give the occupants an organized and comfortable living, which can be accomplished through essential addition and subtraction and knowing the appropriate directions. A house can become a home only when it has the right aura and essence of positivity and happiness. 

Vaastu can help a great deal in achieving these normative if followed correctly. In the upcoming sections of this article, we shall know of the essential Vaastu tips for a happy, healthy, and ideal home. But first, let us analyze why we should consider following the Vaastu shastra regulations when building our homes.

Why Is Vaastu Important?

The ‘Science of Architecture’ is Vaastu Shastra. Geometrical precision is the most significant component in the physical world. Vaastu Shastra is an old Indian discipline that addresses architecture, measurements, space layout, and spatial geometries. The more in tune with the cosmos your home’s construction is, the more energy and enthusiasm it draws when you develop a mathematically balanced and aligned building and design it utilizing Vaastu Shastra.

The living area attracts a great deal of positive energy, making the residents better and stronger. Vaastu tips enforces the traditional Indian architectural principles that guide the proper design of a dwelling. Hence, if happy and peaceful living on your lookout for a perfect home, you should consider living in a home aligned with the theories of Vaastu shastra. 

Let us now discuss what makes the whole bundle of Vaastu theories. 

Basic Principles of Vaastu 

  1. Air- Life on Earth is supported on-air, or Vayu (Oxygen). It is a necessary component of existence. The air represents development and movement. For a healthier flow of air, Vaastu Shastra provides instructions for the location of doors, windows, ventilation systems, patios, and gardens, among other things.
  2. Water-Water makes up over 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. It contains liquid, solid (ice), and gaseous water in rain, lakes, rivers, and the sea. Water makes up to 60% of body systems, and our blood would not be possible without it. Water, also known as Jala, is an essential component of life on Earth. Water is like mental clarity, developing new notions, unique insight, immunity, healing energy, and health recovery.
  3. Fire- Light and heat, volcanic or upper mantle heat, thunder, body temperature, vitality, day and night, seasonality, and other features of the Solar System are all represented by fire. There would be no spin or movement of planets and moons around the sun without fiery energy. Fire is a symbol of excitement, passion, fervor, and passionate vigor in Vaastu. In the current period, it is frequently connected with money.
  4. Space- Space houses not only our solar system but the entire cosmos. All humans and other living elements of the planet are protected by ‘Lifeforce.’ 
  5. Space is the primary transmitter of all sources of energy, including cognitive power (intuition and intelligence), physical energy (sound or light), and social vitality (emotional and mental).
  6. Earth- The area along each sea, known as Bhumi, is the Planet Earth. This element represents life’s personality foundation; it holds the nations and the landmass on which life exists. Earth possesses legendary qualities such as equilibrium, stability, limitless patience, and maturity. According to Vaastu Shastra, the component of Earth is the most significant feature of a home. The Bhumi is responsible for your physiological well-being and your attitude, career, relationships, and achievement. It embodies a sense of peace and cooperation with the rest of the world and family members and friends.

Some Vaastu tips

Happiness through the Door

The entryway to your home, according to experts, is the path through which energies approach your home. These basic rules can assist you in attracting energies that are beneficial to your health, wealth, and happiness.

  • Make sure the main entrance is facing north, northeast, or east.
  • Do not construct a restroom adjacent to the main entrance.
  • Outside your main door, hang well-designed nameplates.
  • To attract riches, paint or hang pictures of sacred symbols such as the swastika.
  • Hang torans and bells at your front door.

Do not miss out on the Restroom.

The restroom is sometimes overlooked when it comes to Vaastu tips for new homes. Restrooms, despite their importance, is sometimes overlooked. As a result, energy drains from your home through this location.

  • It should always be built; the restroom is in the northwest corner of the house.
  • Should be painted restroom décor in neutral, earthy colors like brown and white.
  • Fix hose outlets in the toilet’s north, northeast, and east regions, such as washbasins and showers.
  • Make sure your restroom isn’t connected to the bedroom, pooja room, or kitchen by a common wall.
  • Should not use restroom doors made of metal since they can trap bad vibes.

Living room Vaastu

The living room is where the major of the action takes place in a house. It makes a great (or unfavorable) first impression when guests come for social gatherings. As a result, keep your living room clean of clutter.

  • East, north, or northeast should be the direction of the sitting room. A living room with a northwest orientation is also beneficial.
  • Heavy furnishings should be kept in the living room’s west or south-west corner.
  • The living room’s southeast corner should house all devices and utilities.
  •  Should hang a mirror against the northern wall if the room has one.

Bedroom Vaastu

Even the most simple facts might have a significant impact on your situation. According to Vaastu Shastra, changing your bedroom layout can improve positive energy and strengthen relationships between couples.

  • A southwest-facing bedroom is essential for good health and success. Avoid putting a bedroom in the northeast or southeast zones of the house, as the former might cause health issues while the latter can cause marital discord. With your head facing west, the bed should be at the bedroom’s southernmost point.
  • It’s not a good reason to place a glass or television in front of the bed. Don’t glance in the mirror before going to bed because it can lead to arguments and other domestic strife.

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