Hyderabad: A Marketplace for Buying Luxury Villas in 2022

Buying Luxury Villas


Hyderabad is fast emerging as a Buying Luxury Villas s (property) destination in the country. With a rapidly growing population, high-rise housing, and flourishing business communities, the capital city is one of the fastest growing urban centers in India. 

The city has several prime locations that offer various advantages for real estate development such as access to infrastructure, availability of natural resources, proximity to large urban centers, and inclusive policies. 

Hyderabad’s unique culture and heritage coupled with its progressive attitude towards construction and design are some of the other factors making it an attractive location for home buyers looking to live in luxury Villas. 

Read on to know more about Hyderabad’s current market scenario, upcoming projects, and the best locations to buy villas in the city


What is the current market scenario in Hyderabad? 

Reportedly, according to Knight Frank India, a leading International Property Consultant, the real estate investment market in Hyderabad has been growing steadily with an annual growth rate of 14,693 in the first half of 2022, up from 11,974 in the first half of 2021.

There are several factors contributing to the growth of the real estate market in Hyderabad. One of the most significant factors is the increasing population of the city. 

This substantial growth in the population coupled with the availability of various infrastructure and natural resources has made the city an attractive location for property investment. 

The rising demand for villas in Hyderabad has led to a hike in the prices of luxury villas in the city. Several upcoming villa projects are expected to bring a change in the real estate landscape of the city.

As the leading realtors in the city, at Haris Pranava Constructions, we have the best venture in the city and the most sought-after one is the Affluence Villas in Turkayamjal, Hyderabad.


Why is living in Affluence villas – the best luxury villas in Turkayamjal the best decision you can make? 

Check out the list of reasons


Prime Location

Hyderabad is considered the country’s IT capital, with the majority of leading IT firms headquartered there. This IT hub has paved the way for success for everyone, from startups to well-established giant corporations. 

As a result, the number of construction and real estate projects has increased in many prominent areas in Hyderabad like Turkayamjal, and one such real estate villa project is Affluence Villas.

Many working professionals who have settled in Turkayamjal, Hyderabad claim that it was their best decision in terms of plans. The various facilities available in the Affluence villas in Turkayamjal make it the best choice for many office workers looking to settle down.


Better Quality of Life 

Comfort is something that everyone values the most. Premium Villas in Turkayamjal provide one-of-a-kind amenities such as good ventilation, ample water supply, 24-hour electricity, and everything else you could want for a luxurious lifestyle. 

Aside from that, amenities such as swimming pools, landscaped gardens, gyms, shopping facilities, and so on contribute to making your living experience here comfortable and enjoyable.


Great Resale Values  

Affluence Villas may have a higher purchase price, but they have a much higher resale value. Buying villas near Turkayamjal, Hyderabad,  is an excellent long-term investment strategy. 

Your resale value increases significantly over time as property prices rise. 

This results in higher profit margins in the event of a resale. If you invest in Affluence Villas in Turkayamjal, which has good infrastructure, and great amenities, the price of the villa rises faster and you make more money in a shorter period


Safety & security are top priorities  

Security and safety at Affluence Best premium villas in Manneguda for sale is important. A 24-hour security guard and the facility are outfitted with cutting-edge technological equipment to ensure the complete safety of residents. 

All of the security personnel are well-trained and capable of carrying out their responsibilities. 

Visitors or outsiders are not permitted to enter without the permission of the owners or flat residents.


Environmentally Conscious 

Environmental responsibility is no longer optional at Affluence Villas. 

This world-class premium community sets itself apart from the competition by incorporating eco-friendly features such as rainwater harvesting, solar system, and drainage system. 

To ensure a low carbon footprint, proper care is also taken to reduce, reuse, and recycle natural resources. 

Choosing Affluence  Ultra luxury villas in Hyderabad can assist in addressing environmental concerns such as water and energy efficiency, a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, and the conservation of native resources. 

Most importantly, these initiatives have the potential to improve residents’ health and well-being.


Flexibility and freedom 

Unlike flats, Affluence villas allow you to customize the interiors to your liking. 

You will not be required to obtain permission from any managing team or housing society to make changes to the interiors or exteriors of your home.

You can renovate and redecorate without having to worry about the impact on shared-wall neighbours or obtaining permission from others. 

Also, having your yard with  Buying Luxury Villas means you can keep as many pets as you want. You won’t have to deal with neighbor complaints, housing society restrictions, or limited space.



With a rapidly growing population, high-rise housing, thriving business communities, and a favorable climate, Hyderabad is fast emerging as a luxury property destination in the country. 

Real estate in Hyderabad offers great returns on investments as it offers an excellent rental income as well. 

With a favorable regulatory framework, ease of doing business, growing demand for high-end property and a rise in property prices, the city of Hyderabad is a favorite for villas and is a great real estate market.

Affluence Villas by Haris Pranava Constructions is a leading real estate project in Hyderabad, offering premium villas. These properties feature the best amenities and security, as well as beautiful architecture, cutting-edge technology, and a convenient location. 

The team is dedicated to providing valued customers with the desired satisfaction. If you or someone you know is looking to invest in villas near Turkayamjal, Hyderabad, Affluence Villas is the ideal choice to find your dream home on time and within budget.