Decor Ideas For Your Home Inspired By Indian Movies

Decor Ideas For Your Home Inspired By Indian Movies


We can find creative inspiration and decor ideas almost anywhere—even on the sofa—without ever having to leave the house. We are, in fact, discussing movies. But if we don’t know what to observe, we might not always realize it. For all the interior design ideas you could potentially need, we’ve put together a movie and TV-watching endurance race guide. If you enjoy both fun and excitement and design, add these stories to your queue. They cover everything from the coolest teen bedrooms to behind-the-scenes discussions with industry professionals and advice on the color schemes used in the most stunning moments in movie history. 

Wake Up Sid

In Wake Up Sid, do you remember home decoration in Aisha’s studio apartment? When the movie came out, many young people were motivated by her cheap yet practical home improvement suggestions. Although we are unsure if such a large studio apartment can be found in Mumbai, we certainly adore the origami, the yellow accent wall, and the fairy lights. If you want to instantly brighten your room, paint one wall of your bedroom a cheerful color, add some pictures, some lighting, and possibly a bookcase. 

Sid from Wake up shows you some bizarre and intriguing DIY decor ideas. The movie had a lot of creative ideas, from painting the walls in vivid colors to hanging a swing or a birdcage. 


Piku displayed authentic Bengali living for us with modest, classic decor ideas. Additionally, it conveyed the importance of sticking to our principles. Stick to your customs if you find them comforting. Things like hardwood furniture and chairs with long backs never go out of style. If at all feasible, use vintage movables and comfortable cotton curtains for home decoration.

Finding Fanny

Indian satirical road comedy Finding Fanny, starring Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor, was released in 2014. The actors gave outstanding performances, and every last aspect of the French style home decor was incorporated into the production. Create the impression of a grand French chateau in your home by using patterned wallpaper and drapes. Pay more attention to the little things, such as lamps, sepia-toned artwork, and flower boxes for awesome decor ideas.

Dear Zindagi 

Alia Bhatt’s character in the film Dear Zindagi resides in a sizable studio apartment with an open kitchen, a floor-to-ceiling glass wall, and hanging lights. With some downplayed walls and a mishmash of modern and vintage furnishings, it has a raw, earthy air. You can create a similar atmosphere in a studio apartment if you’re a single lady by purchasing furniture, lamps, and decals from your neighborhood furniture store for home decor.

But, we are aware that a home like the one depicted in the film cannot be found in India. But if you spend money on sheer curtains, sizable cushions, and furniture in soft or neutral colours, you may achieve the same effect. To add a playful touch, you may also scatter flower vases around the area. Aim for lights with various intensities as well so you can adjust them to your mood.

Even though we can only imagine renting or owning such a sizable property in any region of the nation, we can undoubtedly draw some decorating ideas from it. The moderate furnishings are complemented by a few colourful ones, as seen in the video. We also adore the open bookshelf made of wood. If you can find some used furniture, a few bright cushions, and a few bit of glassware artifacts, you are good to go to decorate flats in Chintalkunta. 

We all like Bollywood and frequently attempt to live a “filmy” lifestyle. Although you require a sizable income to live the film star lifestyle, you may still decorate your home in the Bollywood style even on a tighter budget. The interior design of a home frequently describes the type of resident. Below are some tips you can include to make your house look more Bollywood inspired!

Some tips to follow for home decor

  • Bollywood style doesn’t always have to be entertaining; it can also be elegant, as Shahrukh Khan highlighted in “Om Shanti Om.” A designer king-sized bed or a sizable work of art on an empty wall, for instance. Metal candle stands or antique artifacts can also give your room a luxurious atmosphere.
  • Make sure you don’t design anything that will be impossible to carry out when trying to build the Bollywood décor of your dreams. The size of your home should suit your decorating concept. For instance, a large chandelier cannot be placed in a space with low ceilings.
  • Maintain as much interest as you can in the furniture. Luxury sofa sets from a Karan Johar film should be used if your theme is classy or beautiful. If quirky is your style, choose antique furniture that goes with it.
  • To make your room uniquely distinct and reflect your love of Bollywood, add posters and decor. Place props that can serve as a table, a holder, or something as basic as a pen rest in empty areas.
  • To show your enthusiasm for Bollywood, choose bedsheets and cushion covers with prints. These days, printed covers and bedsheets are widely accessible. If your particular taste isn’t available elsewhere, you may always choose customized prints and realize your fantasies.
  • Your favorite actor or movie might serve as the inspiration for the concept of your home decor. Create movie posters or dialogue-based graffiti to add visual appeal to your walls.
  • To fully modify your home, consider thematic wall projections as an alternative to wallpaper.
  • Avoid attempting to construct a design that would be virtually impossible to carry out (for example, installing a giant chandelier that does not fit properly on the ceiling).
  • Make sure the fabrics and the décor are coordinated and that they mix together.
  • Theme-appropriate furniture pieces should be added, such as a magnificent chair or a trunk that has been specially painted.

Flats in Chintalkunta are well decorated and offer a clear, traffic-free space that you can customize and adorn just the way you like, matching your tastes and aesthetics. With that being said, you are now free to experiment with your own creative expertise and see what can you bring to the table in terms of home decor!