Importance of Linking Aadhar for Property Registration

Aadhar for Property Registration

Do you know why you need to register your Aadhar card for property registration? 

Suppose you are planning to buy any property. In that case, linking your Aadhar card for property registration is one of the most essential and easy things you can do to avail numerous benefits.

Suppose you have linked your Aadhar card to your registered property. In such a situation, you may avoid numerous scams and conduct more transparent transactions and deals.

So, you should link your Aadhar card while registering your property.



The following mentioned documents are required for property registration in India:

  1. Aadhar card.
  2. Passport-size photograph of both the buyer and seller.
  3. Copy of the authentic sale bond that has been checked through.
  4. Copy of NOC by the land ceiling act.
  5. A copy of the most recent property register card is required.
  6. A copy of the municipal tax bill is attached.
  7. Certificate of completion of construction.
  8. Agreement between the seller and the buyer on paper



Property Registration Documents identified with the property ought to be submitted to the workplace of the Sub-Registrar who is approved to register for the property. The Seller and the Purchaser must be available during the registration of the property. For a real estate parcel, there is a property registration measure. For a house, there is a House Registration Process. Any place with property registration, the Property Registration Process in India and its related guidelines are followed. To enlist a level, submit documents Required for Registration of a Flat in the Sub-Registrar’s office. If a delegate of either the merchant or the buyer is present without the concerned people, a force of lawyer ought to be submitted. A point of a lawyer is a record of approval. 

It would help to create the first archives to confirm the installment of stamp obligation to the sub-recorder. The property won’t be enlisted without any of the necessary libraries. Witnesses are additionally needed to be available during the marking of the enlistment papers. The archives to be enlisted should be introduced in four months, beginning from the fixed registration date. The necessary charges ought to likewise be stored alongside the reports. 

If a property isn’t enlisted, it can’t be delivered in any courtroom as a piece of proof. Unregistered property has no legal legitimacy. If the public authority gains your property, you will not be qualified for remuneration if the property has not enlisted.




Aadhar Made Mandatory for simplicity of exchanges. Utilizing Aadhar cards for property registration is an essential move to control the issue of dark cash in property bargains. Aadhar is indisputable evidence of character from opening a financial balance, getting a PAN Card, and an LPG association. 

The current government has vast designs to make the Unique Identification Authority of India-based exchanges compulsory in land dealings. All purchasers and merchants should have a substantial Aadhar number for the registration of property. The public authority intends to make corrections to Sections 32 and 32A of the Registration Act.

It would imply that any individual who presents enlistment archives to the sub-recorder of the state should go through Aadhar linking for property registration. The enlistment interaction includes a biometric strategy where the purchaser moves the property after arranging the Unique ID and other biometric subtleties. In the second 50% of 2017, the Aadhar-connected enlistment framework was in real life on a pilot premise across many provinces of India. Neighborhood specialists confirmed all ownership records given online frameworks and joined the archives with the remarkable Aadhar number. 


All sub-recorder administrations have connected to Aadhar workers to ensure that it is not difficult to remove data during property enlistment. Also, as Aadhar is connected to the ledgers of people, it will altogether back out the course of procurement or offer of property, land exchanges, and getting home advances. Nonetheless, how is an individual responsible when they have lost the Aadhar card or don’t have one yet? 


There is no compelling need to obtain another Aadhar card or number if you have misplaced or lost your current one. You should visit your closest Aadhar focus in your city and give biometric subtleties, personality evidence, and so forth. I will furnish you with the card with a similar Aadhar exceptional number. If you still do not have an Aadhar card, you should apply as soon as possible. Be that as it may, it is additionally conceivable to proceed with property enlistment without a super durable Aadhar number through your impermanent Aadhar, Which is fundamentally the Aadhar registration ID, and register the property deal deed. 


Even if you do not have the impermanent number, you need to apply for the card on the web and produce the affirmation receipt to the sub-recorder. When you accept your Aadhar card, you need to visit the workplace back to get eKYC-checked. Exceptionally soon, the public authority could make connections of all properties required. It would be the “following huge move” after demonetization and GST. Henceforth, it is prudent to have your Aadhar card set up.



Linking Aadhar cards for property registration has many benefits. It can help both buyers and sellers from being saved from fraud. Suppose you have linked your Aadhar for property registration. In that case, it can also be a bit more time-saving and transparent dealing.

So, if you are planning to buy any property, don’t forget to link your Aadhar card to register your property.


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